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What we do

The respiratory medicine inpatient ward is based on Ward 23 of the Bradford Royal Infirmary (BRI).

The team also operate outpatient services at Outpatients West on level 1, BRI, Horton Wing, St Luke's Hospital and Westwood Park Community Hospital.

The service looks after inpatients on ward 23 who present with respiratory problems e.g. asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia and pulmonary embolus. While on the ward our respiratory nurses deliver education to patients and provide an interface with community services.

The respiratory medicine department holds the following clinics:

  • General respiratory
  • Specialist asthma
  • Sleep medicine including CPAP review
  • Lung cancer
  • Interstitial lung disease
  • Tuberculosis
  • Respiratory nurse-led

The service holds a weekly lung cancer multi-disciplinary team meeting. This includes the respiratory physicians, a radiologist, thoracic surgeon, medical oncologist and clinical oncologist, as well as palliative care and specialist lung nurses who gather to discuss the best treatment options and plans for patients with suspected and confirmed lung cancer.

Twice a week we run half-day procedure lists. The procedures include bronchoscopy, and Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS).

The department is supported with cardio-respiratory services who deliver specialist breathing tests and other diagnostic services.

The department is actively involved in a number of COPD and asthma research trials which take place at the Bradford Institute for Health Research's Clinical Research Facility. 

The team

Key members of the Respiratory team are:

  • Dr Abid Aziz                   Consultant Respiratory Physician and Clinical Lead
  • Dr Dinesh Saralaya       Consultant Respiratory Physician
  • Dr Peter Smith               Consultant Respiratory Physician
  • Dr Leanne Cheyne       Consultant Respiratory Physician
  • Dr Zelma Hall                Consultant Respiratory Physician

The consultants are supported by an excellent team of junior doctors, nursing staff and secretarial support.

Two specialist respiratory nurses, three specialist lung cancer nurses and specialist tuberculosis nurses enhance the department further. These are:

  • Tracey Lightowler         Respiratory Nurse Specialist
  • Peter Vivian                  Respiratory Nurse Specialist
  • Tracey Hiley                 Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist
  • Katie Henderson      Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist
  • Helen Spencer             Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist
  • Liz Prosser                   Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist
  • Ingrid Madzikanda      Senior TB Nurse Specialist
  • Karen Regan              Senior Respiratory Research Nurse
  • Sonya Tetley                Ward Manager

As highlighted above, the service has a strong research interest and there is a dedicated respiratory team based at the Bradford Institute for Health Research's clinical research facility situated at BRI.

Getting here and contacting us

Inpatient Services are based on Ward 23 at Bradford Royal Infirmary (BRI).

Outpatient Services are provided at Outpatients West on Level 1, BRI, Horton Wing, St Luke's Hospital and Westwood Park Community Hospital.

Our secretaries can be contacted on 01274 364294 (Jayne Gray/Liz Baldwin) and 01274 366832 (Kathryn Stone).

Referral pathways

Referrals should be made either via the standardised paper Respiratory referral form or via an electronic referral for Respiratory Medicine Services.

Fast track or suspected lung cancer cases can be referred directly to the Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist Office.  They can be best contacted on 01274 382484.

Specialist Services (TB, CPAP) can be referred into via either the standardised referral form (paper or electronic) or via direct contact with Dr Hall, Dr Saralaya.

Urgent outpatient referrals can also be faxed through to the medical secretaries on 01274 382763.

Opening Times

The service is, of course, open at all times but it may be useful to know the visiting times on Ward 23, which are 1pm to 2pm and 6pm to 7.30pm on each day of the week.


Please view a location for further information, including opening and visiting times.

Horton Wing Outpatients West Ward 23