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About us

Welcome to Renal Services 

On this page you will find information about pre-dialysis, transplantation, peritoneal dialysis, haemodialysis and the in-patient renal ward


Patients who are diagnosed with kidney failure are referred to the pre-dialysis team based at St Luke's Hospital. The team is based on ward F8.

Clinics are held on:

  • Monday – Skipton
  • Wednesday – Bradford
  • Alternate Thursday’s – Airedale General Hospital

Being diagnosed with kidney failure can be very frightening and utterly overwhelming. The aims of the pre-dialysis team are to support patients through this very difficult time and help them make sense of what is happening. A holistic approach can ensure that a patient's decision-making is informed and based on clinical and emotional need.

Key members of the team who are here to help include:

  • doctors
  • dietitian
  • psychologist
  • transplant team

Symptoms of renal failure include:

  • tiredness
  • swelling of the face and limbs
  • high blood pressure
  • feeling cold
  • difficulty sleeping
  • forgetfulness
  • food aversions
  • itching and cramping
  • sexual changes
  • pigmentation changes to the skin

Home visits can be organised to discuss treatment options and help make a plan of care.

What we offer:

There are five treatment options – but not all will be suitable for everyone and we will discuss this on an individual basis.


As an outpatient at SLH.

Home haemodialysis

Training is given to the patient to manage their own dialysis via a fistula in their home.

Peritoneal dialysis

This is where a tube is permanently inserted in to the peritoneal space in the abdomen. Fluid is instilled into the peritoneum and after a period of time drained out. This can be done manually or by a machine which is used nightly.


Transplantation will be discussed with the patient and if suitable, they will be referred to the transplant team for assessment.

Conservative care

Dialysis is not for everyone. Again this will be discussed on an individual basis.


information to follow.


information to follow.

Peritoneal dialysis

information to follow.


Please view a location for further information, including opening and visiting times.

Airedale General Hospital Skipton General Hospital Ward 6 Ward F7 Ward F8