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During your stay

We understand that being in hospital may be a new and strange experience for you. 
Our Patients and Carers Guide is designed to help you prepare for your stay. 
If you have any questions that remain unanswered about any aspect of your stay or treatment, then the nurse in charge, or a doctor or nurse involved in your care, will be happy to help.

Dignity and respect

You and your family have the right to be treated fairly and be routinely involved in decisions about your treatment and care. You can expect to be treated with dignity and respect. You will not be discriminated against on any grounds including age, disability, gender, race, religion or belief or sexual orientation. You have a responsibility to treat other patients and our staff with dignity and respect.

Privacy and Dignity for All

Every patient has the right to receive high quality care that is safe, effective and respects their privacy and dignity. Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is committed to providing every patient with same sex accommodation. Sharing with members of the opposite sex will only happen by exception, based on clinical need (for example where patients need specialist equipment or care such as in our intensive care unit, coronary care unit or high dependency unit). If this is necessary we will make every effort to move you to a same sex area as soon as possible.

What does this mean for patients?

Other than the circumstances above, patients admitted to Bradford Hospitals can expect the room where your bed is to only have patients of the same sex as you. Your toilet and bathroom will be close to your bed area. It is possible that there will be men and women patients on the ward, but they will not share your sleeping area. You may have to cross a ward corridor to reach your bathroom, but you will not have to walk through opposite-sex areas. If you need help to use the toilet or take a bath (e.g. you need a hoist or special bath) then you may be taken to a "unisex bathroom used by both men and women, a member of staff will be with you, other patients will not be in at the same time. 

Compliments and complaints

We are always pleased to hear any comments you may have about the care you receive in our hospitals. We constantly strive to improve the service we provide to all our patients and their relatives and friends. Your help in identifying things that could be improved is appreciated. Please visit this page for more information on how to give us your feedback.