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Ward 16

Ward 16 is a ten bed medical ward, with single or double rooms, where if needed children can be isolated to protect others or them from infections.

We provide a multidisciplinary, holistic service to ensure that acutely ill children receive the highest standard of treatment and nursing care. Our approach to care embraces the philosophy of Bradford Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust, 'Putting Patients First'. We strongly believe in and promote family centred care. We actively support the #hellomynameis campaign.

You can remain with your child while they are receiving care on Ward 16 and the visiting hours for other family and friends are 10am until 7pm.

Facilities on the ward for resident parents/carers include a shower room and a parents kitchen where there is a microwave and fridge. Ward staff will provide you with breakfast and other meals for mothers of babies under the age of four weeks.

The ward has a team of nurses which includes ward sisters, staff nurses, play leaders, heath care support workers and ward clerks. In addition we have student nurses who may have a placement on the ward for 5-10 weeks.

The medical team consists of consultants and more junior doctors who are in various stages of training. There are also medical students who attend ward rounds.

The ward round generally commences at 09.30 hrs every morning. This is when the doctors and nurses come to examine your child or baby. The team will communicate with you the plan of care for the next 24 hours, and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions at this time.

Your child or baby may then need to attend different departments for further investigations, or require a blood test for example. Alternatively it may be decided that your baby or child may be ready for discharge home. It may then take a number of hours to organize a discharge letter and any medication required.

Children's meals are served on the ward at set times. Dinner is served at 12.00 hrs and tea at 17.00 hrs. Breakfast is generally served at 08.30hrs, but the ward staff cater for this so can be when your child wants it.

We do have some food that can be provided at different times. We generally have sandwiches, toast and cereal that can be given at any time. We do have juice and some baby milks and foods on the ward, but if your child has particular likes and dislikes it may be helpful to bring these to the ward.

Ward 16 includes a stabilisation unit for children who are clinically unwell and may require ventilatory support. Any child who requires intensive care is transferred to a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) as we do not have a PICU within our children's service. The Children's Assessment Unit (CAU) is also based on ward 16.

Telephone: 01274364390