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Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust staff have found a fun way to promote a campaign with a serious message.

They have come up with an entertaining method to support global campaign #EndPJparalysis, which aims to get patients out of their pyjamas and up and out of bed.

The local ‘Stop Gowning Around’ concept has been captured in a short film, which shows staff performing a catchy song, ‘Taking Your Gown off’ to the tune of the popular Buck’s Fizz hit, ‘Making Your Mind Up.’

The performance has involved staff, volunteers and friends of the Trust and been filmed at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

The Trust’s Chief Nurse, Karen Dawber is the driving force behind the campaign with the support of clinical leads, Associate Chief Nurse for Quality Improvement, Sue Franklin and Nursing and Midwifery Quality Lead, Andrea Gillespie.

Get patients out of bed

Sue said: “The aims of the #EndPJparalysis campaign are very simple: to get our patients up out of bed, dressed and moving. There is plenty of evidence to show that increased activity can help recovery, reduce muscle wastage, maintain independence and lead to patients being discharged sooner.

“So for our patients here at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust we are joining this national campaign and going to be encouraging our patients to ‘stop gowning around’ and get up, get dressed and moving.

Karen added: “It may seem staggering but bedbound patients lose between 1per cent to 5 per cent of their muscle strength each day they are in bed. They can also develop pressure ulcers, venous thromboembolism e.g. DVT, PE, confusion, loss of motivation and depression.

“Many patients also lose the ability to carry out routine daily activities such as bathing, dressing, getting out of bed and walking, due to unnecessary bed rest.

Although patients of all ages can benefit from being more active, it is particularly important for older people. Recent studies suggest for an older person aged 65+, a loss of muscle strength can make the difference between dependence and independence with every 10 days of bed-rest in hospital equating to 10 years of muscle ageing.”

The #EndPJparalysis campaign’s creator is Brian Dolan, an NHS-trained nurse and Director of Service Improvement at Canterbury District Health Board in New Zealand.

Going home

He says: “This could be the difference between a patient going home or going to a care home.”

The Trust’s ‘Stop Gowning Around’ campaign has many benefits for patients. Not only does it help them to recover more quickly, but keeping a patient moving builds strength, and enhances mental wellbeing.

Clinical staff are now being encouraged to consider ways they can support patients to maintain some normality in their routine and get up, dressed and active.

Watch the Trust’s ‘Stop Gowning around’ film here: https://vimeo.com/243886382