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GP Bulletin - August 2016

Joint pathology service poised for launch as we link with Airedale

We are pleased to share news with you of a new partnership between ourselves and Airedale NHS Foundation Trust. This will see us join together to deliver a fully integrated pathology service for our patients right across the district.

The link-up heralds the start of an exciting new era, as it provides us with the opportunity to create something which is successful, responsive and respected – offering the best to our patients, clinicians and staff. It is also clear that closer collaboration between NHS organisations like ours will be required in order to meet the efficiency challenges that must be delivered as part of the NHS Five-Year Forward View.

We anticipate that a successful collaboration such as this will help to pave the way for further alliances between our two organisations – and indeed we are already working together with Airedale on a number of other initiatives. Our joint venture will include changes to both organisations.

Clinical Director of our Diagnostic and Therapeutic Division, Consultant Radiologist Jonathan Barber, said: “Our new collaboration aims to establish a jointly-owned and operated, high quality, robust and sustainable pathology service. Importantly, and for the first time, this will put our clinicians in the driving seat, and allow them to have direct influence in the operation and development of our pathology service.”

This is a collaborative venture with both organisations having an equal stake in the planning and delivery of the new service model. Teams in both organisations are currently working alongside one another to plan both the transitional arrangements, and the scope for the future service model. The proposed service model will provide the following clinical benefits:

· Integration of MDT working across both organisations;

· A reduction in repeat testing;

· An Improved access to results;

· Standardisation of tests across both organisations;

· A more flexible and sustainable workforce;

· Enhanced Clinical Leadership.

The initial phase of our project will focus on our Bradford Royal Infirmary site, to ensure that there is a smooth transition to the new service by January 2017. This will require a significant investment in equipment, IT and infrastructure.

The second phase will see the steady, complete integration of our two pathology departments, to include all analytical and clinical elements of the service, beginning in April 2017.

Key phase complete in our £2m ED upgrade

We are delighted to be able to tell you that the next major phase in our £2m Emergency Department (ED) refurbishment programme is now complete. This has been spearheaded by the creation of a new reception and patient assessment and waiting areas, in addition to a four-bed rapid assessment bay for ambulance admissions.

Work on the refurbishment project started just seven months ago and is being completed in four phases, with a current finish date of November. The renovation project is at the centre of our ambitious vision to create a more efficient acute medicine service for the people of Bradford.

Clinical lead for urgent care, Dr Sue King, said: "Our new ED has been designed with both patients and quality at its core, and it’s great to see the new internal space opening up. All our new interiors are ‘dementia-friendly’ and the addition of natural daylight into the unit will greatly improve the environment for our staff and hopefully the experience of our patients.”

People will also benefit from our new assessment areas which sit alongside our reception. Sue added: “The benefits of having an earlier, more comprehensive assessment where everyone works together, from the senior medic to the ambulance paramedics and our triage team, should provide a smoother patient journey in the department and onwards into our hospitals. This renovation ensures that we remain at the forefront of emergency medicine practice nationally."

Numbers using our ED have risen steadily over the years and today we are seeing, on average, between 370 and 400 people coming through our doors daily. The first phase of our refurbishment project saw the creation of a new administration extension block to the area between ED and the old radiology department building, facing on to Duckworth Lane.

The next phase will see contractors create a new self-contained Paediatric ED in the area which formerly housed our old reception and patient waiting area. Our new unit is due for completion in November and will contain separate waiting and assessment areas, two new high dependency cubicles and a larger clinical work space. Builders will also construct a separate waiting area where all patients will go to wait for their results.

Changes to our Executive Director team

We are pleased to inform you that Donna Thompson has been appointed to a new executive role - Director of Governance and Operations. Donna Thompson’s role will replace the existing Director of Governance and Corporate Affairs and the vacant Chief Operating Officer roles. The new post has been developed in response to the challenges we face over the next 12 months and will consolidate, under a single Director, the operational management, governance and transformation agendas.

Donna will be supported by a team of senior managers and Clinical Directors in order to deliver our priorities. She took up her new appointment on August 1. Donna also becomes our Deputy Chief Executive.

As previously announced, we also have two new Executive Directors joining us shortly. John Holden, our new Director of Strategy and Integration, joins us on 22 August and Karen Dawber will take up the post of Chief Nurse on 30 August.

New MS service now available at BTHFT

Previously, our patients had to travel to Leeds to receive their intravenous infusion medication for the drug Tysabri, but now we are delighted to say that this can be administered here in Bradford - on our rheumatology day case unit at St Luke’s.

Specialist nursing was needed to meet the criteria required by the drug company, and we looked into providing a service to repatriate Bradford patients to our day case unit, to enable patients to receive their life-changing treatment at a hospital much nearer to their home. It has really been welcomed by patients who have given it the seal of approval in a recent patient survey. We have received some really excellent, positive comments.

The journey to Leeds was taking up to a day in some cases with our MS patients waiting for transport to convey them there and back again. Now our existing patients plus any new patients starting their Tysabri treatment are coming to the St. Luke’s unit.

Dr Spilker, Consultant Neurologist, said: “The transfer of care is making a real difference to our patients because not only do they have the intravenous infusion here in Bradford but that means that they see their regular MS nurses and consultant at the same time too so it really cuts down on appointment and treatment times for them. Delivering high quality care as part of the West Yorkshire MS Treatment Programme is a priority for us and we are all really proud of the difference it is making to those patients with MS.”

Trust Grand Round August 2016 Cancelled

Please note there will be no Trust Grand Round in August 2016. The next Grand Round will take place on 29 September 2016. These meetings provide an excellent opportunity to meet with fellow professionals whilst remaining up to date with key issues and developments.

The subject covered will be –

- ‘The Role of the Medical Examiner – Recognising Patterns and Making Improvements in Hospital Care’ presented by Dr Alan Fletcher, ED Consultant and Medical Examiner, Sheffield.

The Foundation Trust invites all local GPs to attend the Grand Round which are held monthly. The Grand Round is held in the Sovereign Lecture Theatre at Bradford Royal Infirmary. Meetings start at 12.45pm and last for an hour. Lunch is available from 12.15pm.

This monthly bulletin aims to keep local GPs up to date with the trust’s new services and developments. If you’d like any further information about any of the items in this month’s briefing contact Naveed Saddique on 01274 272635, email gp.comments@bthft.nhs.uk