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What we do

Dietetics is part of Therapy Services.

Bradford Nutrition and Dietetic Service consists of a dynamic team of over 50 dietitians working in acute, community and primary care settings. We also provide expertise in public health nutrition and offer advice, training and resources to help improve the health of the local community. All dietitians working in the service are state registered practitioners and hold either a BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics or a Post-graduate Diploma in Dietetics.

What is a Dietitian?

Dietitians advise people on food related problems to help treat conditions and optimise their health. We do this by helping to interpret often complex nutritional information into practical, safe advice using up-to-date evidence and research. Dietitians are qualified to assess and treat diet and nutrition problems. All dietitians are qualified to graduate or post graduate level and are registered practitioners with the Health and Care Professions Council, to maintain our registration we have to show continuing professional development. This means showing a commitment to improving our knowledge, skills and practice and ensuring that we always work to the highest standards.

We believe in making a difference. We work to help people to make appropriate dietary changes and to translate the complex and often confusing science of nutrition into simple food choices. We work with people who need dietary change to help improve their health to prevent or manage a particular disease or condition and also with individuals, group and communities to raise awareness of the links between nutrition and health, and to help them to make positive changes in food choices. This can include one-to-one patient consultation, group education or working to help plan public health strategy. We provide evidence based nutritional care and advice for people that is flexible to their individual needs and requirements.

To find out more information about the work of dietitians or to learn about how to train as a dietitian visit the British Dietetic Association website.

How can I get an appointment to see a dietitian?

If you feel you need some help with your diet then you can ask your own GP or a doctor at the hospital to refer you to see the dietitian.

What sort of patients do you see?

Anybody who feels that changing their diet could contribute to helping to treat a disease or condition. We see patients of all ages about diet to treat a variety of conditions including diabetes, food allergies, coronary heart disease, heart failure, renal disease, irritable bowel disease, constipation, crohns disease, ulcerative colitis, cancer, loss of appetite, coeliac disease, anaemia and obese or overweight patients.

Where can I be seen?

Both within the hospital as inpatients, outpatients or in community clinics. Dieticians run different treatment and education groups across primary care. Please log onto our main web site for further information - www.bradford-dietetics.org.

Bradford bariatric dietitians provide a service for patients undergoing weight loss surgery. Whilst on the ward patients will be seen by the ward dietitian who specialises in bariatric surgery. The dietitians also provide a supporting role pre and post-surgery at our out-patient clinic at Horton Wing, St Luke's Hospital. We see patients as part of the consultant led bariatric surgery service. You cannot access this service directly as there are strict criteria to be met before this type of intervention will be considered appropriate. Individuals' interested need to see their GP who will assess suitability for surgery and refer into the service if appropriate.

Any individual who has undergone bariatric surgery in the past may request a dietetic intervention via their GPs or consultant surgeon.

If you are interested in more information on our other weight management services and how to access them please go to our Weight Management Service Information.

Our dietetic weight management service forms part of the adult out-patient service in Horton Wing at St Luke's Hospital.

We accept all patients with a BMI of over 25 into our weight management service. The weight management options include either one-to-one individualised support or weight management group sessions.

You may be referred via your health care provider or you can refer yourself by contacting the Dietetic Department at St Luke's Hospital on 01274 365940.

For more information please see

Bradford Cardiovascular Disease dietitians (CVD) provide a wide range of services to people with cardio-vascular diseases, such as TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack), stroke and heart disease. A CVD dietitian can help you find out more about eating to protect your heart and circulatory system.

We deliver education sessions at cardiac rehabilitation groups and also run our own group education programme called Bradford Eat Well (B. Eat Well) that supports people to improve the quality of their food intake and overcome barriers to making long-term lifestyle changes. We also provide one to one clinic appointments and home visits. Advice to support you in improving the quality of your diet can include helping people to lose weight if they are overweight, helping people to maintain a healthy weight or increase their weight for those who are underweight and/or losing weight unintentionally.

If you have a cardiovascular disease and feel you would benefit from seeing a Dietitian please speak to your GP who can refer you to our service. We also work closely with and accept referrals from specialist nurses working in cardiac rehabilitation, heart failure, stroke and district nurses and other health care professionals. Please note only individuals with a Bradford GP are able to access these services. For more information please contact us on the general enquiries telephone number 01274 365108.

Additional information can be found at:

British Heart Foundation

Stroke Association

British Dietetic Association

We are a team of Children's dietitians based at Bradford Royal Infirmary. We see babies, children and young people aged 0-19 years. We see children in a variety of settings including the neonatal unit, children's wards and children's out-patients. We may see children at other locations according to need for example, special school, mainstream school and home.

We see children with a range of conditions including:

  • Weight management and obesity
  • Faltering growth
  • Food allergy
  • Feeding difficulties
  • Constipation
  • Anaemia and other vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Children requiring tube feeding
  • Children with metabolic disorders

For children with diabetes please refer to the diabetes information.

We work closely with other professionals and services especially respiratory, premature birth and children with developmental delay.

To access these services you will require a GP or consultant referral.

Metabolic Services

Bradford Metabolic dietitians provide a highly specialised service to paediatric patients diagnosed with a metabolic disorder. We provide a regional service across North and West Yorkshire and Humberside which includes an inpatient and outpatient service for metabolic patients within our region. Alongside this we provide telephone support, home visits and on-going education to individuals and their families.

We work closely with the wider metabolic team which consists of a Paediatric Metabolic Consultant, metabolic specialist nurses, psychologists and biochemistry lab. We accept referrals to our service via the metabolic consultant.

For more information about specific metabolic conditions you may find the following websites useful:

Adult metabolic services are based at:
The Mark Holland Metabolic Unit
Salford Royal Foundation Trust
Ladywell NW2 - 2nd Floor Room 107
Manchester. M6 8HD
Tel : 0161 206 4365 
Fax: 0161 206 4036 

The dietetic team also provide services out in the community. Primarily these services are based at Community Hospitals, Residential and Nursing Homes and in certain circumstances peoples own home. To access these services individuals need to be referred in by Community Matrons, GP's district nursing staff and other health care professionals.

We also cover a number of outpatient clinics within the community; accessed via a GP referral. Please contact us for more information on times and venues.

Bradford Diabetes Dietitians provide a wide range of services to people with diabetes. Our dietitians attend diabetes clinics in all GP practices in Bradford. If you have diabetes and feel would benefit from seeing a dietitian please speak to your GP practice staff who can arrange a one to one appointment for you in the practice. Please note only individuals with a Bradford GP are able to access these services.

We also offer group or one-to-one education sessions with a Diabetes Specialist Dietitian; you can refer yourself into these services by calling the helpline below.

Alternatively you may prefer one of the following group education sessions led by a specialist diabetes dietitian; you will need to be referred into these services by one of your practice team.

· X-pert

· CHOCS (Carbohydrate Counting)

We provide a diabetes helpline for people with diabetes. A dietitian is available Monday-Friday 8.30am-4.30pm to answer any questions about diet and diabetes. Our helpline number is 01274 365884 or email Dietitians.Office@bthft.nhs.uk

Dietitians also work as part of the Diabetes and Endocrine Unit team at Bradford Royal Infirmary. The Children's Diabetes Dietitians are based within the Bradford Children's Diabetes Service at Level 3 Extension Block, St Luke's Hospital. The Children's Diabetes Dietitian are available Monday - Friday 8.30am-4.30pm on telephone number 01274 365219.

For further information on diabetes in children click the following link: www.upbete.co.uk

The Bradford Dietetic Department provides a service to adults and children requiring tube feeds in the community. We visit patients either in their own homes or in a nursing or residential home setting.

Referral to the service is usually from the hospital wards when enteral feeding is commenced. Every person living in Bradford with an enteral feeding tube fitted will be under the care of a dietitian. The Home Enteral Feeding dietitian can be contacted via our admin team on 01274 365108.

Bradford Inpatient dietitians work at both Bradford Royal Infirmary site and St Lukes Hospital. They work on most wards and within most specialist areas. Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust uses a validated nutritional screening tool, the Malnutrition Screening Tool or MUST to monitor a patient's nutritional status on admission and weekly whilst people are in hospital. If individuals are found to have a MUST score of 2 or above they will be automatically referred by nursing staff for dietetic support and advice to improve nutritional status.

Dietitians follow a Food First approach whenever possible. Initial plans will include the initiation of food record and fluid balance charts if appropriate along with the use of high protein, high energy snacks and potentially the use of nutritional supplements. In some instances artificial nutritional support may be required.

If patients require special diets such as gluten free, bariatric meals or texture modified foods, all of these can be arranged through the dietetic team and catering.

The specialist learning disability dietitians are based at Waddiloves Health Centre in Bradford and they provide the service across the Bradford and Keighley area. Advice and support is provided for any nutrition related problem such as obesity, malnutrition or underweight, diabetes, food intolerance and they look after patients who are enterally fed. Adults with diagnosed learning disability are eligible for the service and individuals can either be referred in by their health care team, relative or career or may refer themselves. To make an enquiry please contact us on 01274 497121. To make a referral please contact Denise Priestly on 01535 216020 who will send out a referral form.

Dietitians also provide training sessions for paid carers including "Safe Swallowing training. To access this please contact Denise Priestly on 01535 216020.

The dietetic oncology team provide a wide range of services to people who have a diagnosis of cancer. Patients are seen thought their pathway from diagnosis, pre-treatment, post treatment and in the palliative phase. Dietitians attend a number of consultant led multidisciplinary clinics including surgical, medical oncology and clinical oncology clinics.

All oncology patients requiring dietetic support can be referred to the dietetic team via the health care team looking after their care either in hospital or via their GP surgery.

Bradford Dietetic Department offers a range of outpatient services. Our outpatient clinics are predominantly based within Horton Wing on the St Lukes's Hospital site; however, we also run clinics in a range of community locations and are also able to undertake a limited number of home visits in some circumstances. We provide dietetic support for both adults and children.

A GP or Consultant referral is required for patients requiring dietetic input for a wide range of nutrition related conditions including:

  • Obesity and weight management
  • Diabetes
  • CVD
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders such as Coeliac Disease, Crohns and IBS
  • Dietary advice pre or during pregnancy
  • Nutritional support for those with a low BMI, unintentional weight loss a raise MUST score or reduced appetite or those requiring modified texture diets
  • Renal and liver disease
  • Metabolic Conditions
  • Faltering Growth
  • Allergies and food intolerances
  • Nutritional inadequacy e.g. anaemia

We provide a food and nutrition focused advice and consultancy services to a wide range of partners and stakeholders, who include healthcare professionals, early childhood and social care workers, schools, voluntary and community organisations, industry based business and services, the media as well as many other statutory based services which fall within the Bradford and Airedale district.

We provide training on a diverse range of food and nutrition subjects to staff and workers and can tailor training to your needs. We offer short training courses on a range of subjects including adult weight management, coronary heart disease, diabetes, iron deficiency anaemia, infant feeding and weaning and a wide range of specific "nutrition through the ages packages. We also have developed a food and nutrition policy and toolkit and offer menu planning audit and training for Early Childhood Services settings. All courses provide up-to-date, safe and evidence based advice and are supported with practical resources and further information.

Our Food and Nutrition Training Programme is offered to staff and workers who want to update their nutrition knowledge to help facilitate positive changes in the patients and populations they work with. To book a place onto any of the courses, download a booking form or contact us on 01274 365387 to register.

Other aspects of our work include health promotion, policy and guideline development, research and audit, teaching, resource development, writing articles and bulletins on current public health nutrition topics and project based work specific to need and demand.

Recent projects we have completed, currently in progress or contribute to include :

  • District wide Every Baby Matters Nutrition Guidelines for Preconception, pregnancy (including weight management before, during and after pregnancy, Infant Feeding, Weaning and Nutrition for 1-5 year olds)
  • Public Health Nutrition quarterly bulletins
  • Food and Nutrition Policy and Toolkit for Early Childhood services
  • Prevention and Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency Care Pathway (Adults and Children)
  • Resources for other teams including a ˜Practical Guide to Weaning' Resource and ˜iron in your diet' resource.
  • Every Baby Matters nutrition training programme targeting Early Childhood services
  • Working in partnership with Bradford Metropolitan District Council (BMDC) on Bradford's Food Strategy Action Plan
  • Born in Bradford HAPPY intervention study
  • Healthy Food Guidelines for Bradford Food Caterers and businesses,
  • Working in partnership with BMDC and West Yorkshire Trading Standards on the Good Food Award Scheme for Food Businesses and involved with the Good Food advice stall in Oastler Market
  • Working in partnership with the Health Improvement Team, BMDC

Healthcare, Childcare and Social care Professionals and volunteers: if you have any food or nutrition related queries, please call the Nutrition Helpline on 01274 783124 to speak to a Public Health Dietitian.

If you have a patient or appointment enquiry please call the main dietetic department on 01274 365108 or for diabetes enquiries please call the diabetes helpline on 01274 365884


· EBM Nutrition Guidelines

· Vitamin D care pathway for children and adults

· Eat Well Plate page on NHS choices

Bradford Renal Dietitians provide a wide range of services to people with renal disease or impaired renal function. The Renal Dietitians form part of the multi-disciplinary team caring for patients undergoing dialysis and transplant. All patients under the care of one of the renal consultants will have access to the renal dietitian via the multidisciplinary team and patients on dialysis will automatically be seen by a dietitian.

The team

The nutrition and dietetic services within the foundation trust provides services to patients within both primary and secondary care.

We work to help people to make appropriate dietary changes and to translate the complex and often confusing science of nutrition into simple food choices. This can involve one to one patient consultation, group education or working to help plan public health strategy.

We work with people who need dietary change to prevent or manage a particular disease and also with individuals, groups and communities to raise awareness of the links between nutrition and health, and help them to make positive changes in food choices.

When someone is unwell and admitted to hospital we seek to ensure that the food they are provided with is nutritionally adequate by working with catering and nursing colleagues on menu planning and food provision issues. Dietitians are also available to provide advice to patients needing specific dietary change as part of their treatment on medical referral. We would also be involved if a patient was failing to meet their nutritional needs or had dietary requirements that could not be met via the normal catering systems.

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