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What we do

We are help to help, comfort and support all those who come to our hospitals - whether you are a patient a family member, carer or a staff member - we are YOUR chaplains. We offer support to ALL - to people of faith and to people of no faith.

We are part of the wider health care team and work with our colleagues to provide the best holistic care we can. We seek to meet the spiritual, pastoral and religious needs of people as they journey through the hospital. 

Chaplaincy brings counsel, comfort and support to those in need - patients, staff, relatives and carers - at times of accident, illness or great stress. Such times of crisis can cause people to feel disconnected from traditional structures and so call into question familiar values, beliefs and sources of support.

Research has shown that such distress can have significant effect on patients therefore chaplains offer spiritual/pastoral care at these critical junctures, enabling people to become realigned with appropriate support mechanisms.

Chaplaincy recognises that all people have a spiritual dimension with their beliefs, traditions and values enabling them to make decisions in their search for meaning through pain and illness.

Spiritual care offers the possibility of understanding discontinuity in the narrative of their life. The role of the chaplains is not therefore concerned with religion alone but with affirming the spiritual dimension in people.

This unique listening ear facility is completely confidential, unquestioning in its acceptance and available to all.

The work of chaplains within the foundation trust is to provide for those in pain and distress on their journey through life.

Chaplains are pastoral practitioners who seek to build up a relationship of trust through compassionate presence and thereby offer help and support to a diversity of people. Such support might focus on the emotional/spiritual adjustment to illness or a search for meaning and purpose through illness.

Help in crisis situations including family/relational issues as well as bereavement care are regular areas of Chaplaincy involvement.

Chaplains work alongside other health care professionals collectively and collaboratively to provide psycho-social-spiritual services for patients and families.

The chaplain's speciality is to possess a particular understanding of the relation between faith, illness and the emotional and mental conflicts that arise and seeks to motivate and initiate meaningful use of each individual's beliefs and attitudes in the management of their problems.

We are here to:

  • Listen to you
  • Support you and your family
  • Provide spiritual and religious care

The team

Our multi-faith chaplaincy team visits wards on a weekly basis, offering confidential support to all patients and staff - to those with a faith and those with none. Arrangements can be made for your own religious representative to visit by contacting the chaplaincy team through the nursing staff.

A multi-faith Place of Worship can be found in the Horton Wing at St Luke's Hospital, and there is a Chapel and a Prayer Room on level 1 at Bradford Royal Infirmary. Details of services and Jumma prayers will be found on notice boards or may be obtained through the nursing staff.

There are team representatives from the Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Sikh faiths.

Mohammed Arshad
Head of Chaplaincy and Muslim Chaplain

Joe Fielder
Christian Chaplain

Maryam Riaz
Muslim Chaplian

Shaheen Kauser
Muslim Chaplain

Father Michael Doody
Roman Catholic Chaplain

Hoshiar Singh
Sikh Chaplain

Murari Lal Gupta
Hindu Chaplain

Dawn Arnison
Administrative Officer

Contact us

The Chaplaincy Service is available Monday to Friday from 8 am till 4 pm. All Chaplains can be contacted via the office 01274 365819. Or you could email use on Chaplaincy@bthft.nhs.uk
Our administrator Dawn Arnison is based at the Chaplaincy Office to deal with any enquiries. The office is closed on all Bank Holidays.

There is an answering machine on which non-urgent messages can be left. However if you need to contact us out of hours, please contact the switch board on 01274 542200. There is some out of hours emergency cover (from 4 pm Friday to midnight Sunday) that covers the Muslim and the Christian faiths, which can be accessed through ringing the switchboard on 01274 542200.

The Chaplaincy Department also have contact with some other faith representatives who they can call upon when requested. Please contact the Chaplaincy Department for further information.