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Adult Audiology Services

The department offers a range of diagnostic and rehabilitative Audiological services. We provide a comprehensive service for adults with hearing difficulties, balance disorders and tinnitus.

How to access our Service

Patients who suspect they may have a hearing problem should consult their family doctor. Patients over 16 years old can be referred directly to the department for hearing assessment from their GP. Those under the age of 16 can access the Children's Hearing Service via their GP or other Health Professionals

Our Service

  • 18 week target - We aim to provide an efficient service and offer to provide relevant treatment within a maximum time period of 18 weeks from the time you were referred.
  • Interpreters - If you struggle to speak or understand English, an interpreter can be arranged for your appointment. We welcome relatives as interpreters but it is important that you and your relative are comfortable discussing all aspects of your medical history.
  • Transport - For those individuals that have severe difficulty with their mobility, transport can be arranged to bring you to the hospital. This can only be arranged with a confirmation letter from your GP.
  • Appointment times -¬†Appointment start times range from 8.30am till 12.30pm in the morning and 1.45pm till 5.45pm in the afternoon (6.15pm on Tuesday). The length of the appointment varies depending on the type of appointment needed.
  • Students - Bradford Royal Infirmary is a teaching hospitals therefore it is possible that you may have a student present during the appointment. Based on their competency they may carry out the whole appointment. If this is an issue please contact the department prior to attending your appointment.

What we do

The Hearing Service is composed of the following aspects:
  • Hearing Assessment
  • Treatment and Rehabilitation of the hearing impaired
  • Fitting of Hearing Aid/s
  • Non routine Hearing Aids
  • Open Access Repair Service

Balance Service

Tinnitus Service